About FlyJohn.com

FlyJohn.com is the website of John Thywissen, an FAA-certified flight instructor and commercial pilot.

About John

John Thywissen is an FAA-certified Flight Instructor, Instrument Flight Instructor, and Ground Instructor. He teaches through Above and Beyond Aviation, mostly at Austin Executive Airport (EDC), but is also available at Austin Bergstrom (AUS). John can work with you on a Private Pilot’s license, Instrument rating, or a Commercial Pilot’s license. He also can help you stay current with a Flight Review, Instrument Proficiency Check, or FAA WINGS program phases.

John grew up in the co-pilot’s seat of airplanes, and flew solo before he learned to drive. (Hint: The right rudder pedal in cars doesn’t work like it’s supposed to.) He got his Private Pilot certificate in Houston, and his other certificates and ratings in the Dallas area. He’s done most of his flying in Texas, but also some in the Northern Virginia and Los Angeles areas.

In addition to teaching flying, John is finishing his PhD in computer science at UT Austin. At UT, he performs research on programming languages, which led to an internship at NASA/JPL–Caltech. Also at UT, he has taught computer science, which he enjoys teaching almost as much as flight instruction. Prior to UT, John was an information technology (IT) engineer, consultant, and program manager.

Sources of Information

Most of the information on this site is the original work of John. Exceptions are noted where they occur. The weather page draws data from the U.S. National Weather Service.


This website is intended for U.S. pilots, but much of the content is be applicable wherever one flies.


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