Resources for Pilots, Students, and Instructors


My favorite source of weather reports and forecasts is the Aviation Weather Page. (Maybe because I built it? :-) ) Of course, this does not replace a full preflight briefing from flight service.

Learn more about weather from Air Safety Foundation's excellent SkySpotter program. It's an online interactive presentation that I found very useful.

Flight Log Forms

Download the Flight Log Form that I use. Everything on one sheet: navigation, fuel, W&B, runway lengths, ATIS, weather brief, route clearance.

ICAO Flight Plan Equipment Codes

The new ICAO flight plan equipment codes can be bewildering. There's a overwhelming list of options and codes, and they are labeled in aviation-bureaucrat-speak. I've organized and simplified them in my guide ICAO flight plan equipment codes.

Flight Theory

Almost everybody has been told that an airfoil produces lift because it is curved on top and flat on the bottom. But aren't you also aware that airshow pilots routinely fly for extended periods of time upside down? Doesn't that make you suspicious that there might be something wrong with the story about curved on top and flat on the bottom?

The best explanation of flight theory ever: See How It Flies, by John S. Denker. It's written for the technically minded, but it's not full of math. He corrects a lot of myths, including the often-taught incorrect explanation of how lift works!

FAA Knowledge Tests

If you're studying for the FAA exam on your own, the ubiquitous exam prep book for something like 20 years has been the Gleim Aviation guides. A ground instructor can help you here, too. There's a lot to these tests.

The new WINGS program

The new WINGS program has many changes. One is a more specifically specified set of flight activities for each phase. Here is my summary of the New WINGS Program Flight Activities.

Popular Aircraft Types

Here is my list of the most Popular Aircraft Types.

Instructor Goodies

These resources are primarily for instructors:

How to sound like ATC: my ATC Phraseology summary.

FAA ACS/PTS (Airplane): Private, Instrument, Commercial, ATP, CFI-A, and CFII.

My CFI-A and CFII PTS quick guides.

FAA Form 8710-1, Application for Pilot Certificate and/or Rating.

AOPA's CFI resources page.

Gleim's CFI Only page, including discounts.

Questions Answered

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